Rest for 2020

I’m a big believer in setting goals. Not goals like “I’m going to lose weight” but really intentional goals like “I will cultivate habits of moving my body 3 times a week at the gym while fueling myself with fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats. I will celebrate the completion of this goal with strengthening my body and being comfortable in my skin.” It’s intentional. It’s spelled out. And there are actionable items – get a gym membership; Fill the fridge with healthy food; learn some new recipes.

I have been using Powersheets goal planner for a few years and it help me to be intentional with my goals. Before any goals are set, Powersheets leads you though brainstorming and looking back at last year to figure out what worked and what didn’t work, what direction you are headed and why with your goals. And there is a section where you choose a word for the year and stay focused on that word so you don’t get off track. I have to be honest, when I worked through my Powersheets this year I skipped this part of the workbook. I usually pick a word for the year – or I should say it picks me. I hadn’t felt guided in any direction so I skipped it and kept rolling through my goals for 2020.

After I wrote my goals for the year (8 of them) I noticed a pattern evolving. A pattern of slowing, offering things the time they deserve and rest. But rest couldn’t be it.

On the 2nd I fell and broke my arm at the elbow – it wasn’t my dominate arm, but it has complicated my life for the last 3 weeks and led to a lot of sitting around. I have enjoyed the time to watch TV, read books and magazines and surf the internet, all in the name of healing, but I don’t want this to be my big thing this year. I am hopeful my arm will be all healed up by the middle of February and I can get back on track for the year – get down to the goals and making things happen.

But what if this is what’s happening? What if God has taken this negative and made it a positive? What if He has led me from my brokenness into a time of healing and rest to understand it’s importance?

When I think of rest I think of naps and going to bed early. As a night owl, I only like the idea of one of those things. What if I have misunderstood rest?

In 2020 rest looks like listening to my body and instead of submitting to the powers of caffeine when I am tired, acknowledging my body needs rest and either take a nap or make a plan to adjust the hours I am sleeping. Rest is preparing for the sabbath by completing all the laundry during the work work so I can have freedom from it. Rest is resting my credit card by not shopping on Sunday. Rest is resting my brain from social media at times when it becomes overwhelming or when I want to be present to my family. Rest is keeping home in a way that when we have visitors or overnight guests I don’t have to go crazy cleaning or thinking about the things that are not clean enough and simply enjoy their company. Rest is scheduling family days once a month where we don’t have any outside activities planned and can spend time together.

The last straw for me in deciding that Rest was going to be an intentional park of my year was this post I saw on Instagram:

Credit to Revelation Wellness
Credit to Revelation Wellness

This hit me hard. I am always looking for the next vacation or get away. Something in the future to look forward to. Something to plan for and dream about. What I really need is rest. When I saw this, I knew my word had found me, right here in the middle of January.

Here’s to staying to present to God’s peace and enjoying the rest that he offers in 2020.

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