My 2020 Goals (Part 2)

I’ve written 8 goals for 2020 which I am now working on breaking them down into smaller chunks to work on through out the year. I’m going to share my 8 goals here and will check in quarterly to share how they are going.

Part 2: My Family Goals

Goal: Prioritize marriage and family by taking advantage of the small times we have through creative dates, one-on-one time and scheduled family days.

Last June we moved to a new town on a new side of the state where Joseph began a new job roll that has changed our family time dynamic drastically. The demands on his time have been significant since we arrived and left me reeling for probably too long. I tried to fight it, demanding he make more time to be home but that helped nothing, including our family time. Let’s also not forget we have 4 school age children who are discovering extra curricular actives by the boat load. Currently we are involved in basketball, piano lessons, wrestling, church youth choir, robotics and for the first time ever all 4 were cast in the civic theater. There is lot to be about; some days I feel like I live in my minivan.

As Josh Shipp says you either get bitter or you get better.

I found myself with a choice to make. I could become bitter because life is so busy and there didn’t seem to be anytime for dates, family game nights, movie nights and snuggling or sometimes family dinner. When thinking about setting family goals for this busy season I decided instead of lamenting what I had loss, I would embrace what I had.

What I have is 10 minutes after school to hug everyone and offer snacks. I have time after the kids go to bed and after they leave for school with Joe.I have van time to and from play practice. (I have heard friends say car time is the best time to get kids talking and I agree. They spill their guts when you are staring at the windshield.) I have bleacher time with the kids who chose not to play basketball. I have Friday with Joe, as it is his day off and we make it a priority to have breakfast or lunch together every week. I have 30 minutes with the one kid who has a later bedtime than the others.

As our weekends began to fill up this year I proposed scheduling family days where we put it on the calendar and not schedule other things that day. If there is nothing on the calendar it will fill up. Now we have something on the calendar.

This season is still crazy. It’s been made even more difficult by my arm being broken, but we are learning our way and leaning into the small times, which when you add them up isn’t so small after all.

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