A Super Idea for Super Bowl Sunday

In November our boys announced they wanted to play basketball this year. Historically, we have forgone basketball for wrestling, mostly because Joe is a wrestler and it’s a natural fit for us. We filled out the forms and paid the fees with anticipation of a new season beginning.

What we learned this season is our kids know hardly anything about basketball. What they do know is if you make a basket you get two points and all the glory, so they just wanted to make baskets. And while they did practice skills, when it came down to game time they each had one goal – get my hands on the ball. I can’t even count the number of times I yelled DEFENSE this season.

Joe noted that part of their skills deficit is partly that we just don’t watch a lot of sports. We have been to a few Purdue games and high school games. When our kids get into a setting like that they all have one goal – Popcorn. They don’t pay much attention to the game, and honestly neither do I. I often choose socializing rather than giving the team my undivided attention.

Fast forward to this weekend when there is another game taking center stage – The Super Bowl. Neither of the teams mean anything to me (Cheesehead for life) but I am planning on watching the game and eating all the Super Bowl foods I can think of. For me the Super Bowl (and all family tv watching) is about a shared experience – watching the best teams on the biggest stage and all the new commercials. The kids will enjoy the food but again, its all about the food.

To entice them into my shared experience, I made a little Super Bowl 5 in-a-row game.

Yes, this game could go by another name that you probably can think of, but I’m choosing to call mine a 5 in-a-row. Its a mix of football, advertisement and other Super Bowl fun like cross this square out when they talk about the weather or show a players mom on the screen.

I’m hoping this little game will be fun for all of us and might teach the kids a thing or two about football. If you are interested in using it yourself, you can click the link above and print one out!

Who do you think will win the Super Bowl on Sunday? I’m cheering for KC!

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