My 2020 Goals: Part 3

I’ve written 8 goals for 2020 which I am now working on breaking them down into smaller chunks to work on through out the year. I’m going to share my 8 goals here and will check in quarterly to share how they are going.

Part 3: Community Goals

Goal: Find ways to create gatherings either at home or in the area to strengthen our community while exploring and showcasing Richmond.

I have always loved a large gathering. And a small gathering. I love to get together with people and go out – or stay in. I am making it a goal this year to have more get togethers – what ever that looks like. Last night it looked like inviting some of our friends over for the Super Bowl and eating tasty food. We gave the kids my Super Bowl 5 in-a-row game an they had a blast filling it out for the big prize – a whole pack of football cards.

This year though I don’t want to limit our gatherings to our house. I want to take then out in the community and enjoy the finest things our town has to offer while also inviting other people along with us.

6 months ago we moved to a new town on the other side of Indiana. We immediately jumped head first into the community and tried to experience many different things before school started. We went to the farmers market, ate in the restaurants, swam in the city pool, played in the parks, splashed in the local waterfall and had a ball doing it all. The more we talk to the locals the more we heard how there was ‘nothing to do here.’ We were flabbergasted!

My husband started asking people what they like to do in Richmond, and almost everyone would tell him about things in the nearby cities – Indianapolis, Dayton and Cincinnati, assuring him there was nothing to do here. He would then list a couple of our favorite things we had already found and before the end of the conversation (usually in the grocery story or restaurant they would be telling us great things to see and do here.

We began to say that Richmond suffers from low self-esteem – and I think this is true for lots of towns. People who have lived there their whole lives have forgotten just how great their hometown is. I have made it a mission off mine to find ways to remind people.

I have no idea what this looks like yet, but I have 11 months left to try things out and see what works.

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