My 2020 Goals (Part 5)

I’ve written 8 goals for 2020 which I am now working on breaking them down into smaller chunks to work on throughout the year. I’m going to share my 8 goals here and will check-in quarterly to share how they are going.

Part 5: Creative Goals

Goal: Carve out time each weekday to do something creative. Become a content creator not solely consumer on Instagram.  

My 5th goal has two parts to it. When I think about being creative, it can go in a lot of different ways, and fit in a lot of boxes. I am taking on my creative goals in two parts – creating real-life physical things creatively and creating on social media.  

I am a creative at heart. I love to paint, write stories, sew, embroider and decorate. If given a choice of what to do I would spend all day doing something creative. But there’s one little problem; I want to do so many creative things I find myself doing none of them.  

I am also a self-described starter, but not a finisher. I find a neat pattern online or in a book and I start it. And then….I find another one. Last year one of my goals was to finish more projects. I wish I could tell you that worked out great but it didn’t. We moved mid-year last year and I didn’t make a lot of time to be creative, either before or after the move. When making my goals for 2020, I knew making time to be creative would be a priority.  

To take this goal seriously, I’m making a list of projects I want to take on this year – and including projects I have started in the last couple of years but have found their ways into the land of half done in the back of my closet. I’m dusting off my paintbrushes, sewing machine embroidery and knitting looms and by the end of the year we will have some cool things to share that I’ve made with my own hands!

I also recently discovered that with my library card I have access to Crativebug, an online website with thousands of patterns and video classes on things like watercolor painting, knitting, baking, jewelry making, bookbinding and more. I love learning through video instruction and think this will be a great addition to my creative library!

The second part of my creativity goal has to do with the way I use social media. My social media platform of choice is Instagram and I have wasted many an hour scrolling through my feed looking at all the pretty pictures. At the end of last year that’s what it started to feel like – waste. Why was I spending so much time looking at other people’s lives? It felt like a misuse of the platform, my time and energy. 

I thought about giving Instagram up altogether but instead decided to change my mindset about it. I don’t need Instagram, but I like it. I like it for the ability to write micro-blogs that tell a story with a picture. In 2020, that’s what I’m using it for. No longer will I be solely a consumer of Instagram, but a content creator. I am seeking out little stories from the world around me to share as a way to practice my writing and storytelling – to hone my creative craft, not become Instafamous.  

I wish I could say this has slowed my scroll. It has, but not as much as I want it too. I think further self-professed guidelines for Instagram are in the future for me. Right now I’m enjoying looking for the story in my ordinary day.  

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