My 2020 Goals (Part 7)

I’ve written 8 goals for 2020, which I am now working on breaking them down into smaller chunks to work on throughout the year. I’m going to share my 8 goals here and will check-in quarterly to share how they are going.

Part 7: Writing Goals

Goal: Write as an act of OBEDIENCE to God who has placed a calling on my life.  

According to writer Joseph Epstein, I’m one of the 81% of Americans who feel they have a book in them and should write it. I have always felt the call to write; I even thought I would make a career out of being a journalist after receiving my Ag Communications degree from Purdue. I believe I could have, life led me down a different path.

Now that I’m a stay-home mom whose children are all in school full days, I can make time for writing. I have been able to make time for writing for the last three years, I just haven’t done so. I write things here and there – Instagram posts, church newsletter articles, journals and sometimes short stories. The problem is I don’t do any of these things regularly, or even with much purpose.

Last September I listened to a Podcast with Jess Connolly as a guest discussing her new book The Girl for the Job.  I can’t remember what exactly she said during her interview. I know when I was done listening, I was convinced that God put a call on my life to write and I was ignoring it. Writing was no longer something I longed to do, it was something I needed to do as an act of obedience to God.  

After hearing the call and answering it, the problem was God wasn’t very clear about what I was writing. Right now I’m brainstorming ideas of what I can write about (hence the 8 part blog post on my 2020 goals,) when I reach the end of part 8, I better have an idea of what comes next!

I don’t know what the outcome of this obedience is; all I know is I’m doing it. I’m making the time and space to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard or even fingers to the keys of my electric typewriter (because that’s fun too,) and I’m writing.  

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