My 2020 Goals (Part 8)

I’ve written 8 goals for 2020, which I am now working on breaking down into smaller chunks to work on throughout the year. I’m going to share my 8 goals here and will check-in quarterly to share how they are going.

Part 8: Environmental Goals

Goal: Seek out ways to make our home more environmentally conscious and implement one each month.  

A Crunchy mom I am not. Don’t get me wrong, I love farmers markets with fresh locally grown vegetables, there are dryer balls in my dryer and even have a small collection of essential oils. But I can do better, not just for my family but for our environment.

Over time I have become more and more aware of the amount of trash that gets placed at our curb every week. I have at times gone on tirades such as “I will always take my bags into the store with me!” or “We will only use cloth napkins at dinner!” As you can guess, I also become quite lazy and forget to put my bags back into the car or all the napkins get dirty and we are back to paper products and plastic bags.  

I believe in the past I have tried to do too much too fast. 

This year I am committed to making 12 changes in our home for the betterment of the environment. Nothing big like getting a hybrid van, just simple things such as switching to reusable plastic bags instead of Ziplocks and greening up my cleaning products.

In the month of January, I added a set of E-cloths to our home and find them very easy and effective to clean with. I especially love their window cloths – they have already reduced the number of paper towels we are using! Now instead of carrying a caddy of cleaning supplies around the house, I have a cute basket of cloths. I am still using some cleaners, but not nearly as many as I was last year.

This is a simple no-nonsense goal that will benefit our whole household. It might be my favorite one of the year, as it is easily achieved each month! I’ll keep you posted on the change we make!

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